Yamagata University Faculty of Medicine
Department of Pediatrics


Divisions and Research Groups

    •  Hematology and Oncology, ang Rheumatology
    •  Neonatology, NICU
    •  Cardiology
    •  Neurology
    •  Nephrology
    •  Medical genetics, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism


Research - Overview -

Our cutting edge clinical, translational and basic research, which focuses on childhood disease. The investigators are actively engaged and explored in individual projects and also collaborates each other. The mission of our individual research projects is all for the child health, and we all are dedicated to.

Publication (Japanese / English)


Division of Pediatrics


  • Tetsuo Mitsui, MD, PhD


  • Chikahiko Numakura, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

  • Daisuke Ogino, MD, PhD
  • Miyako Kanno, MD
  • Tessyu Otagiri, MD, PhD
  • Taeko Hashimoto, MD, PhD
  • Kazuyuki Nakamura, MD, PhD
  • Toru Meguro, MD, PhD
  • Jun-ichi Yokoyama, MD

Other Staff

  • Takahiro Abiko, MD
  • Hiroko Sato, MD, PhD
  • Motoi Kawasaki, MD
  • Yu Abiko, MD
  • Naomi Kawasaki, MD
  • Kota Suzuki, MD
  • Ryusuke Ishigaki, MD
  • Shino Okuyama, MD
  • Takashi Fujii, MD
  • Shoko Matsu-uchi, MD
  • Jun Matsuki, MD


Division of Neonatology and NICU

Professor, Director

  • Tetsuo Mitsui, MD, PhD

Associated Professor

  • Ayako Sasaki, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

  • Masayuki Abiko, MD


Postgraduate resaercher

  • Makoto Sato, MD